Professional Headshot Process

Dan || Baker Tilly

Ever wonder what things look like on the backend of your professional headshot session? Here’s a little peek into the sorting process (minus about 100 original images we started with).

First I cull the gallery from the original images we created at your session. I narrow the selection down to crisp/clear, well posed, genuine smiles. From there, I cull again removing images that are very similar, almost duplicates to each other, so I have a gallery of 15-20 images for you to choose from. This selection is still very consistent with posing, but everyone has a favorite ‘look’ they have of themselves so I always want my clients to have the opportunity to choose from several expressions. If you’ve had a session with me, I’ll often say, ‘will you giggle a little?’. Or I have to pull out my conversation skills and get the laughter rolling a little more naturally. Either way, we make some genuine happiness shine through your portraits together.

Next is editing to create a cohesive gallery. I focus on color, crop, brightness, etc. I want you to be focused on your favorite pose and look vs the difference in each image as it was shot.

From there, I send your gallery off to you for the final selection which is then retouched and returned back to you in color and black & white for all your business needs. Easy as pie! So… who needs a new headshot?