Newborn Photographer

My name is Caitlin and I’m the face behind Caitlin Claire Studio. I have been a dreamer of simple things for as long as I can recall. Life isn’t as complicated as we like to think it is and that is what I like to capture through my photography: the simple moments that create joy and the memories that we cultivate in our every day. Small treasures are my passion whether they are tangible or not; a little trinket that brings us back to a specific moment in time or a whisper that leads us on a grand adventure.

When I’m not behind my camera you can find me with my pup, Walter, or enjoying life with my husband Joe. He is currently pursuing a law degree in Nashville Tennessee and I’m along for the ride. As we travel this adventure in life I will continue to travel back and forth between Wisconsin and Tennessee so I can keep up with my growing families in both states. If you have a favorite audiobook recommendation I would love to hear about it for my driving trips!

I have far off dreams of owning a small piece of land filed with pups, chickens and rows upon rows of veggies just like my Grammie had. Afternoon trips to her country home to pick beans and peas are some of my favorite memories growing up. A girl can dream of simple joys, can’t she?

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Photos: Amy Allmand Photography // Lindsay Campbell Photography