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Piper Josephine

Piper was officially (and unknowingly), the last newborn I photographed in my previous studio space. Since moving, I’ve been playing catch up with online galleries, blogs and studio life in general. But looking back on these images fills me with so much joy. To know so much can change in 3 months time is a great reason to KEEP WORKING!

And to think, this sweet babe has also changed so much in 3 months! All the more reason to take photographs regularly and enjoy your life in this very moment. I don’t know how to express any differently than I’ve been doing so for the past 5+ years, how important I believe photographs to be. At least not in words. My heart knows how. But sharing from the heart and really having people hear you is HARD!

But you know who hears me… parents. Especially the ones who have been in for family pictures and return again for second, third and even fourth sessions. The value they put on photographs does not escape me. I’m so grateful there are people out there who love photos just as much as photographers do. To be called upon to help remember joyful memories in one’s lifetime is the greatest honor. Paul and Allison, thank you for asking me into your joyful story!

Appleton Newborn Photography Studio

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