Wisconsin Newborn Photographer

Michael Ron || 5 weeks

http://myclassicgarage.com.au/social-sharing/ This little dude was in the studio just before the new year for his newborn session. We are still waiting on a few of his prints to arrive before we officially complete this newborn photography experience. Until then, I have been enjoying sharing his images as often as possible, I even made a little preview video!

watch Most newborns visit me around 10-20 days old. But Michael came into the studio at 5 weeks old, just one day shy of his actual due date. We waited each out to see who would give in to sleep first (if you’re wondering, mom and I beat out baby M and dad – ha!) and the rest was history. Every babe is a little different, but having to wait for sleepy eyes is usually the same from session to session though. I am always reassuring moms and dads that it’s completely normal and all part of the process. Which is also why I encourage parents to nap during our time together if they want… and let’s be honest. Who wouldn’t want a nap a week (or 5!) after bringing home a newborn??

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