Wisconsin Child Portraits

Everett || Seven Months

These little sitter sessions are quickly becoming everything to me! They are quite the show of chaotic work. Getting little attention spans to focus and moving quickly from pose to pose before babes get tired of my single lady act behind the camera is probably more entertaining for mom and dad.

But my gosh, when I upload images to my computer you should see the smiles and giggles of delight I have for these new images! It is so much fun to see the range of expressions these little babes go through as they learn to show off their own personalities. Scooting back and forth on my knees  is totally worth it all the bruises.

Everett came to see me at 7 months and 22 pounds! I couldn’t have asked for a better squish to hang out with for the morning. Sitter sessions are best when babe is comfortably sitting on their own. After that, additional rolls are just a bonus – haha! This session was doubly exciting for me because Everett’s mom used to be my hair stylist when I was in my teens which is crazy to think about. I can only imagine the goof I made of myself growing up in her chair, ha!

Leggings & Bonnet set || Lily Bean Giggles

Knit Layers & Bear Bonnet || My Little Songbirds

Wisconsin Child Portraits