Wagner, Wisconsin Session

Maternity Photography

Maternity photography is moving to the top of my list after this session. Bryan and Amanda were such a fun couple to work with ~ great conversation, laughs and they were willing to lay in the grass for me! Not to mention, they are a beautiful couple ~ inside and out! Another thing I love about maternity sessions, newborns come next ~ how can you dislike that?

I will admit, when the clouds crowded the sky almost immediately I was pretty disappointed. But the end result is nothing short of stunning in my opinion. I can’t get over how much I love the moodiness as the session progresses. It created some of my favorite images to date!

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Maternity Photography Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-02 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-03 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-04 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-05 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-07 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-08 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-09 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-10 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-11 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-12 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-13 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-14 Caitlin-Claire-Studio-Wisconsin-Tennessee-Maternity-Photography-15 Maternity Photography Maternity Photography