Sweetheart Mini Session, 2018

Appleton Wisconsin

Joe and I, 2015 || Photograph by Kim Thiel Photography

Joe and I have been married for a little over three years. We both adventured through several different work places (part-time and full) while pursuing lofty career goals. Him law school and myself, a photography studio in Downtown Appleton. I started my photography business shortly before our wedding and have since moved it from one state to another and quickly back again. Joe is currently starting his fourth semester of classes in Nashville and I’m hanging out with all the babies I can get my hands on in Appleton. Our time together is valuable. Every chance I get I snap a selfie of the two of us, or sneak a picture of just him so our days are documented as much as possible.

Sweetheart Mini Session

The last time we were in front of the camera together was two years ago (our one year anniversary). After that it’s snippets of images from a dinner out, or a quick snap from that time we took a walk together. Or the one time I turned my big camera on us for our Christmas card and set the timer… that was a real process trying time everything just right. HA!

I have a challenge for you. Think about your lives around this time last year. Where were you living and working? Were you carting around kiddos to school and extracurriculars or teaching little ones to tie their shoes? Did you set any goals for the year ahead? Were they personal or did you tackle them with your spouse? Home improvements? Trips planned and enjoyed? Did you say goodbye to a loved one? Welcome a new babe? How much did your life change from this time last year, to now? Do you see a difference?

Now think back to the last time you stepped in front of a camera together, just you and your sweetheart. Not a quick snap and done. When is the very last time you spent quality time investing in images of just the two of you. Enjoying each others hugs and hand holding? Your favorite picture of the two of you that is displayed in your home… when was it taken? 5 years ago… 10… Your wedding day? Are you ready for another favorite picture?

Sweetheart Mini Session

I’m not sure I could ever have enough pictures of just Joe and I. We work hard for our relationship, especially in this chapter of our lives and I want to remember that. Your story is equally as important and my hope is that you document it as well. We all work so hard for love, celebrating it is necessary!

Sweetheart Mini Sessions
Appleton WI || February 5-9, 2018
30 Minute Session
No Children
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