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Okie Dokie…. here we go! Throwing your ideas and dreams out into the universe can be a scary thing but you never know what will come your way unless you try!

For a while now, I’ve been toying with ideas of how I can expand Caitlin Claire Studio. I am not slowing down on the portrait side of my work in any way, so rest assured you can still bring me your sweet babes to snuggle. But the idea of becoming a more encompassing brand is very enticing to me, so the thinking cap was put on!

As summer began in Nashville this year, I was faced with my first year without a yard to plant in. I scrounged up some container plants and watched them go to town (not literally), but I knew I could do more. As I started to follow social media accounts for local farms I realized many of them had a tough time, or really no time, to produce (see what I did there – ha!) quality media content for online use. I know a thing or two about taking a picture so I decided to reach out and see if anyone was interested in a sort of media make-over. Gavin Farms was the first to sign up, so the other week I packed my bag and traveled to Reedsburg Wisconsin to sit face to face with these three and chat about social media.

Why Start With Farming?

Beyond my passion of plants and well cared for food; my interest in starting this social media content chapter of Caitlin Claire Studio with farms, evolves from the tightknit family bond that is created in farming families. It also encompasses the idea that sitting down to a home cooked meal each night is a curator of healthy family relationship. The farmers of our communities are powerful forces for the earth and our sense of companionship. I believe in our communities, and small efforts can be very impactful.

Starting with farms is only the beginning. My hope is to always keep my work family-oriented. Whether it’s a farm who offers CSA’s to families in their community to a maker of children’s clothing and accessories. My brand has always revolved around family, I don’t plan to leave that behind anytime soon.

As with any new venture, there are bound to be hiccups. In this phase of beginning something new, I am offering discounted rates for social media content packages. If you are interested in quality content for your social media use and think we would be a good fit, I encourage you to reach out for more details!

Gavin Farms || Jenni, Jim & Matt

I can’t let this whole post be about me and a new venture. Especially when I have such lovely faces to show off below! As I said earlier, I visited Jenni, Jim & Matt about two weeks ago on their first generation family farm in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. While their main focus is on beef cattle, they also have a pretty substantial vegetable garden which provides produce for canned goods. Their business branding was done by Rebekah Disch Designs and couldn’t be more spot on!

Knowing the look of their business was important to them, I wanted to focus on clean and authentic images. The mix of flat lay and outdoor images will lend themselves happily to a well rounded social media feed. The portrait images will be great sources to keep their audience aware of who is behind the scenes feeding those cattle and pulling weeds in the garden!

I also left the three of them with the idea of sharing on a regular schedule. It is easy as a photographer to be aware of how social media impacts a business – images are our lives! But for a company whose business is less about Facebook likes and more about farmers markets, it’s easy to overlook the impact successful social media engagement can be.

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Social Media Content Producer