Small Business Saturday

Spending with Intention

Black Friday. BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!

Leaving a warm home at 4am to battle hurried and aggressive shoppers does not sound like my cup of tea. Never has. If I recall correctly, I’ve only ever shopped once on Black Friday. Came home with a $30 fire pit from Target that was left on the curb two years later when Joe and I vacated our first home. Don’t worry, someone happily grabbed it before the garbage person did, I trust it’s at a happy home.

Since starting this photography business almost 5 years ago I began learning the value of spending wisely. I’ve always considered myself good with money. But it wasn’t until I started asking people to spend their hard earned dollars with me did I become more aware of who I’m spending mine with. Making the conscious effort to choose wisely has forced me to think about what I’m buying and who I’m buying from before opening my wallet. I don’t expect any less from the clients who choose me!

As the Christmas season begins, sales are going to be pushed in front of our faces in almost every direction we look. And while everyone loves a good deal, it is more important for me to stay loyal to the brands and people who have created a product and experience I’m happy to invest in. So if they aren’t having a sale, that’s ok too!

Caitlin Claire Studio

This is the first year I’m offering a savings on specific sessions and am excited to see how it goes. I value my work and your experience with Caitlin Claire Studio so savings like these aren’t always possible. Offering the opportunity to save this time of year gives us all the chance to plan ahead and create the most out of your photography experience!

The sessions I chose to offer savings on are ones I would like to fill my calendar with year round and based off of your photography needs. They are Birth, Newborn, Sitter, Family and Business Branding sessions. A link to the sale page is posted below and will be live through tomorrow.

Thank you for slowing down this season and choosing to spend your money with more intention. Speaking first hand, your choices make all the difference in my life!