Philanthropy Month with the Rising Tide Society

Tuesdays Together, Nashville

When Joe and I found out that he had been accepted to Belmont University for his law degree and we would be moving to Nashville, I immediately started connecting with anyone and everyone I could. Telling friends from Wisconsin that friends of theirs in this new environment would be blessings and also jumping on the Tuesdays Together Nashville Facebook group to become a more active member of the Rising Tide Society.

Yesterday was the first meeting since I’ve been in town and forcing myself to exit the house and put myself in a socially vulnerable situation was a bit stressful. But as all level headed adults know (yes, I can be one of those sometimes – haha), meeting new friends doesn’t usually end in tears. So I left the house 20 minutes earlier than needed to give myself the time to sit in the parking lot beforehand and remind myself that this was good.

And good it was! Three of us showed up, which was a blessing in disguise because the working space was tight and I was able to connect with the other two gals a bit more than I probably would have otherwise. We volunteered our time at the Martha O’Bryan Center in their newly resituated food bank helping individuals and families gather groceries. It was a tiny space, but there were some really big hearts that filled it! I’m thankful for this opportunity so soon after moving. I have to keep reminding myself that even though we initially moved here for Joe to pursue his dream, I can still pursue mine too!


Special thanks to Brittany (of Inspired Help) for a the group photo to add to this little collage.