Newborn Baby Photographer

Milo Maxwell

“Caitlin you’re great at what you do! I loved watching you work with both our babies and I can’t wait to see all the results. Thank you again for taking the time to do extra poses at the end, it meant a lot!”

There are quite a few steps and details that go into all of my clients sessions that one might not know about if we’ve never worked together. Newborn sessions include a post-session questionnaire because I need your feedback. I quite honestly look forward to your critiques and suggestions for future sessions as it’s one of the most direct ways I can grow or change.

I’m also often asked, “What is your favorite thing to photograph?” I start by replying with ‘People and their relationships.’ and then cycle through all the types of sessions you know me for… families, couples in love, kids. But I always end with newborns. Always. Newborn sessions are high on my list because I think they are where I still have the most to learn and room to grow. My standards are high, it’s the Virgo in me I suppose. Newborn photography pushes me to limits at every session, limits I look forward to. I want to be better each time and I know just how important that feeling is for personal and professional growth.

Now, Milo here was a dream baby! Even that little crinkly face a few scrolls down didn’t slow us down. I could have kept him in studio all day long. Mom, Dad and big sister were of course also a joy to work with. Newborn sessions are long, 3 hours long most times. And we hang out in 80° temps so baby is comfortable unswaddled and naked. They handled it all like professionals. Patience is key to these sessions and I’m so glad the families who find me are comfortable enough to cozy into the studio space like it’s their own living room and enjoy the show!

Newborn Baby Photographer