Neenah Wisconsin Newborn Photographer

Evan Matthew || 13 Days

As a newborn photographer, I find myself educating clients about sessions and all the options they have throughout the process. One of my most asked questions is about the difference between lifestyle sessions and studio sessions. The biggest difference is where they take place.

Lifestyle sessions are a beautiful opportunity to capture life in your home with your new little joy, just as it is. There are no props or wraps brought to a lifestyle session. Instead we use that new blanket from grandma, or a special outfit that dad picked out himself. We cuddle on the bed (you, not me) and inspect fingers and toes, share kisses of joy and marvel at your newest little addition.

If a posed newborn session isn’t quite what you had pictured your story looking like, think about an in home lifestyle session. Simple and classic for a timeless addition to your story. I was able to enjoy just that with baby Evan and his family the other week. Every newborn story brings a smile to my heart wherever they take place. Thank you for having me M family, and congratulations again!

Neenah Wisconsin Newborn Photographer

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