Nashville Photographer

Josh & Whitney

Breaking ground as a¬†Nashville photographer is becoming a reality for this lady. There are moments when I allow myself to be completely terrified by the idea; and moments when I know I’m going to kick butt on this new adventure. This is the latter…

Joe and I visited Nashville this past week to dive into our search for a home. We are fortunate enough to know several friends who already live in the area and were invited to stay with two of them while we were in town. This was my first chance to spend quality time with Josh and Whitney and I can say with complete certainty that their presence in Nashville will bring me happiness and peace in my first few months after moving there. This isn’t me seeing into the future… I just know how much of a home-body I can be and how much I value relationships. So putting distance between myself and my Wisconsin crew is a bit stressful; but knowing that friends exist in new places brings me back to earth.

We were able to cram in a bunch of viewings for homes and on our last full day this sweet couple indulged me by agreeing to stand in front of my camera. I felt instantly at ease again snapping away and playing with the gorgeous light on Love Circle. The view of downtown in the background and lots of laughs made me excited to start exploring the city in the near future for more sessions with new friends.

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