Nashville Newborn Photographer

Philomena Ann Louise

This little peanut is my newest niece! I’m doing my best to gobble up as much time with her as possible before moving down to Tennessee this fall. Joining the Nashville newborn photographer scene is definitely an adventure I’m looking forward too, but leaving these little faces behind for weeks and months at a time sure makes me a bit sad.

I was just chatting with a girlfriend the other day about feeling grown up. Do you feel like an adult? Because I’m not sure I do… yet I’m living a very adult life with this whole married/moving/running my own business thing. It’s pretty surreal to call myself a newborn photographer and business owner most days. But other days it makes complete sense and the joy I get from creating art and memories for families to cherish is pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see what Nashville brings to my lap and how my goals might change once I get my feet on the ground there. But until then, I will enjoy the remaining summer hours and the fall season here in Wisconsin with my favorite little kiddos and families.

Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-01 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-02 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-03 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-04 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-05 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-06 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-07 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-08 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-09 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-10 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-11 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-12 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-13 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-14 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-15 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-16 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-17 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-18 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-19 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-20 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-21 Nashville-Newborn-Photographer-Caitlin-Claire-Studio-22