Nashville Maternity Photography

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This session was so much fun ~ I’ve known Mike and Jess for a few years now but never really had the chance to hang out with them one on one. At the time of their session they were expecting a sweet little girl and it’s a good thing we scheduled when we did because Willa Mae decided to make her debut three weeks early!

I especially loved this session because we got a bit of clouds to start but then the sun came out and brought the best golden mood with it. The best of both worlds! I’m really looking forward to Nashville Maternity photography (and families!), because of the extended outdoor seasons. But until then I will soak up every ounce of Wisconsin weather that I can!

If you’re interested in setting up a maternity or newborn session it is so important to contact your photographer early! Schedules fill up and life gets hectic ~ setting your dates up with your favorite photographer ensures you won’t miss the perfect opportunity to capture the best memories!

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