Mother Daughter Photography

Sema, Maria, & Sophia

I read something earlier on LinkedIn along the lines of ‘whatever you do, always be nice.’ It was referencing this idea in the terms of business transactions, but we all know it can be used anytime, personal or professional. It’s so easy to overlook that little sentiment during my day to day activities. But every time I’m around Sema she exudes this idea, it’s automatic for her and I notice how it makes me feel every time!

Around Christmastime, Sema scheduled a mother daughter photography session with her girls and I’m happy to report they are just as sweet as their mother! I knew this before the session, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it in a blog post. It is such a treat to photograph adult families. Of course I love my little clients so much, but conversing with and witnessing the interactions of adult children and their parents makes me very happy too.

This world can never have too many ‘…always be nice. families. I’m thankful for the ones that invite me to experience their joy, especially these three!

Mother Daughter Photography

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