In Home Newborn Session, Neenah Wisconsin

Bronwyn Elizabeth, 6 days

How quickly do you scroll past pictures on your phone without giving them much more than a few seconds attention? Swipe swipe swipe… we are a fast paced digital world always trying to catch up. It is my job as a visual artist, to evoke a slower pace and enjoyment of life with the art I create. My job isn’t to get the world to slow down, it’s to get families to slow down. Creating images of moments in time you wish to remember forever and art to hang in the spaces you spend your life.

Newborn photography is such a true example of why slowing down is so valuable. Seeing babies even just one month after photographing them proves that to me. And I’m sure mom’s and dad’s agree, they only stay so little for a very short time. The way they fit snugly into the crook of your arm or the way their legs can tuck right up to their chin without effort. Don’t get me started on the downy skin and peach fuzz that covers every curve of their ears. Oh my heart! These physical traits fade quickly with time, but a photograph will keep it forever in your heart.

Bronwyn is a very lucky babe to have parents who decided newborn portraits were important to them. I am so happy for this sweet little girl to grow up in a family who cherishes family moments like these and (I’m sure) many more to come. Congratulations you three, you inspire me with family love every time I look through your gallery!

In Home Newborn Session Neenah Wisconsin

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