Farm to Table Family Event Photography

Gavin Farms

You have all heard me chat about Gavin Farms before I’m sure. Well here I go again… I had the extreme pleasure of being invited to their first annual farm to table dinner the other weekend and it did not disappoint one bit! As always the vision of Jenni, Jim & Matt to serve their community and their customers goes above and beyond.

Unfortunately you can’t taste these scrumptious dishes through the internet, but hopefully the imagery does them justice. Our meal started with herbed bread topped with a hearty slathering of seasoned butter and pickled veggies straight from Jenni’s garden. Up next was a garden salad I wish I could go back to! Fazenda Boa Terra lettuces, garden tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled beets (all three of which Jim chatted about picking the night before at 7pm – thanks Jim!) topped with pumpkin seeds and a coriander-fennel dressing.

I could have been completely satisfied with just that. Honestly. The flavors were so bold and different from my normal routine. Little did I know what was coming next… carrots! Served three ways – shaved and marinated, blanched and grilled and carrot-kohlrabi agridolce with grilled Gavin Farms bologna, rosemary and thyme. I’ll give you a moment to comprehend that… This was by far my favorite dish. It was absolutely delish and surprising! Who knew I was missing out on so much with carrots!

After being blown away with the carrots, we enjoyed bloody mary braised beef brisket served with cilantro chimichurri, spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts and local parmesan. Two of my least favorite foods/flavors are cilantro and brussel sprouts. I avoid them in all situations… except here. This dish was enjoyable for me because it asked me to step out of my comfort zone and I didn’t mind doing it!

Last but not least was dessert. A lavender pound cake, Jenni’s strawberry rhubarb jam fresh whipped cream, toasted almonds and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. Mouth watering yet? Paired with one more glass of Wollersheim wine, I was in heaven. Or a food coma. Same thing.

All of these flavors were prepared by the wonderful Katie Wyer of Large Batch Scratch in Spring Green Wisconsin and served on Wilson Creek Pottery. The passion of supporting local reaches deep in the Gavin Farms mission, that is very clear.

Farm to Table Wisconsin & Caitlin Claire Studio

You might be wondering how an event like this ties into my overall baby-heavy brand. (Or maybe  you’ve scrolled past all this text and moved straight on to the imagery.) As the Caitlin Claire Studio brand has evolved over the years, I found myself drawn to all dynamics of family. This includes family businesses and family servicing businesses. Being a photographer can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to point your camera. But for me, if it has anything to do with family, I’m happy to be a part of it! After all, what is more important than the people you surround yourself with daily?

Gavin Farms

Katie Wyer – Chef

Wilson Creek Pottery – Dinnerware

Rebekah Disch – Paper Goods

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