Fall Photography Availability

Who grew this business?

When you first decide to start a business it’s usually not really a decision. At least in my case it wasn’t. I had purchased my first DSLR shortly after college and started snapping pictures around the yard and of my nieces and nephews. After sharing them online (thank you free social media platforms), friends and family would ask – ‘can you take our picture?’ Of course I would say yes, an extra $35 in my pocket for a short afternoon’s worth of work… no complaining here!

Then things get out of hand and you just keep going and quit your full time job to start a part time gig to ‘be sure’ your bills are paid and things keep growing with that business you started 4 years prior so you quit the part time job because FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER sounds pretty dang great… *takes a big breath!* You know where this came from right? My friends and family grew it for me!

It’s true. Had they not asked for those early years, I wouldn’t be here. And the best part, they keep asking! I’m honestly blown away when friends, family and acquaintances keep asking for sessions. The support and loyalty to Caitlin Claire Studio is very humbling.

Roth Family, Maternity Photography

Bob and Daali are just those people in my life. Friends (who feel like family) for a few years now, I was thrilled to hear of their new babe on the way and just as excited to see their inquiry roll into my inbox. I know Caitlin Claire Studio has come a very long way since those $35 session days (growth yo!), so families who continue to support this business and my family are never taken for granted. And I’ve said this before – it is such a compliment when someone I know, outside of photography, reaches out for my services. That trust is something I hope to always hold tight to.

Fall Photography Availability

Open Session Dates, 2019

Ask and ye shall receive. Or just wait around and it will come because no one asked for it but it’s important for me to share. Here are my remaining dates in 2019 (maybe give or take a few depending on future circumstances…)

September 19
September 24
September 26

October 3
October 17
October 22
October 24
October 29

November 2
November 5
November 7
November 9
November 12
November 14
November 16
November 19
November 21
November 23
November 26