DePere Child Portraits

Nora May, 8 Months

go site This little ray of sunshine is growing up far to fast for my liking. As her favorite aunt… just kidding (not really), I love getting her in front of my camera as often as possible! She is full of spunk and will definitely be giving mom and dad a run for their energy as time goes on. Photography is a special gift I can share with family. Sometimes it’s the least I can do for them as they support Joe and I during this crazy time in our lives. It’s also a constant for me. To shine through my artwork as we navigate these unknown weeks, months and years of our lives. Living in two states and supporting each other as we work towards personal goals can be emotionally draining just as much as it is exciting. So having family like Nora around to make me smile and appreciate the ‘little’ things in life is a real blessing. I hope her sunflower gallery makes you smile just as much as it does for me!

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