Turning 6!

Caitlin Claire Studio is officially 6 years old today! I can hardly believe it and at the same time can feel every growth spurt in my business bones. Being a photographer is wonderful, but what I’ve also learned in the past 6 years is that I love running a business! The journey so far has taught me quite a bit about the world and most importantly about myself. I’m capable of anything I truly set my sights on, no doubts there! And who would believe, Caitlin Claire Studio sort of started by accident!

My first year out of high school, I signed up for a community photography class at Fox Valley Technical College. I thought it would be a film/darkroom class but about 10 minutes in I realized that was not the case. Whoops! 24 hours later I was the proud owner of a Canon Rebel XSI and never looked back. Amusing how a simple miss-understanding can lead to pretty amazing adventures if you allow it to.

Cheers to 6 years and all the lessons along the way. I’m proud of the business owner they have shaped me into!

Caitlin Claire Studio