Bootsie, Babe, Gar, Noomi & Oz

Hollie and I worked together several years ago at a flexographic prepress office and have kept in touch very simply through Facebook. I was delighted when she asked about pet portraits especially for her and her husband’s oldest sweetheart Babe. I’ve always had the camera out for Walter so there is a plethora of photos of him and sometimes I take that for granted. It’s pretty easy now days to whip out the ol’ smartphone and snap away, I would know… I’m very good at it. But even if I weren’t a photographer I would still say the difference in having a professional photo taken verses snapping something with your iPhone is totally worth the investment. Everyone deserves quality photos of their loved ones, human and pup form 🙂

This was my first official Pet Portrait Session where 100% of the proceeds goes towards Walt’s vet bills. I can’t wait to get this thing paid off and start giving to others in need ~ thank you so much Hollie for kicking off my pet sessions!