Appleton Xavier Photographer

Appleton Xavier Photographer, Best Friends Session

Let’s get honest for a second. We are all our own worst critic. There is no denying that, I see it everyday in myself and unfortunately, I see it most in the youth around me. We have this idea in our heads that if we aren’t what our friends are, or have what they have, we aren’t as good.

Frickity frack that! (You know what words I really mean here.)

I was my worst¬†enemy in high school. Ugh, it pains me to think back to those days. If I could do HS over, I would! And I’d be as ruthless as I am now with my thoughts, dreams, words, etc. I have a firm belief that being yourself is more important than making friends. And if we’re realistic about that, being ourselves will make us the best kind of friend!

Proof is in the pudding… or in this case, the pictures. My first senior session this year was with eleven best friends and it was AMAZING!! I hope every senior I ever work with knows how amazing they are in their own skin. I will work hard to share that belief with them every single day. And in a world where we are constantly asked to compare ourselves, I hope Caitlin Claire Studio seniors know I’m comparing them with the best version of themselves and no one or anything else. Be better than you were yesterday, that’s it.

Appleton Xavier Photographer