I’m currently encountering writers block. I probably shouldn’t even call it that beca I don’t consider myself a writer. Instead it could be called ‘I don’t know what to say. I want to eat a snack instead of write a blog post’ block. I mean, I DO want to write this… I just don’t know where to start. So now I’m rambling…

When photo sessions are bought as gifts, it makes me even more elated to get to work each day. Someone actually likes my work so much, that they want to buy it as a gift! And this session wasn’t even a gift for a special occasion – it was a ‘Just Because’ gift! Totally unprovoked act of kindness. That is why I like what I do each day. Bringing something just a bit more special than the average ‘wake up, work, home, eat, sleep’ attitude into this world is so enjoyable. A special piece of mail, an extra kiss on the cheek, a random gift just because… those are things that make this world smile.

I contacted Kirsten from Ready Set Vet first about pet portraiture and she turned around and bought two sessions as gifts! I was delighted to photograph Annie, her mother’s sweet pup, a few weeks ago on a great sunny afternoon. I will say that when I pulled up the drive my jaw dropped a bit at the property views. There was a great deck that was overlooking a marsh and seemed like the perfect spot for morning coffee. Their lot backed up to tall trees making me swoon even more. I think I probably babbled several times about how gorgeous their home was and made a comment about stopping by randomly to hang out. Those are the things I say during shoots. ‘Oh yea! I’ll be by next week, say 6:30 am for morning coffee!’ At least Joe thinks I’m funny 🙂

Annie was the perfect model and you could tell instantly how much love flowed between her and Ellen. Some people might think it’s silly to base a photo shoot around a dog, but I know how important those furry friends become in our lives and documenting that is very special. Thank you again Kirsten for inviting me into your friends lives and homes, I am so happy to have been able to help you spread a bit of joy!

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